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During the holidays, people can get so caught up in the commercialization of Christmas that they begin to lose sight of the real reason for the season. Miracle in a Manger is a new, fun, interactive Christian Christmas Tradition that comes packaged with a children's book and toy that is meant to teach children the true meaning of Christmas.


Miracle in a Manger comes with a beautifully illustrated children’s book, a plush Angel doll that transforms into baby Jesus by simply removing his detachable wings and halo and wrapping him in a blanket, a manger with pieces of hay and Angel message cards. Every day, beginning on December 1st, the Angel will bring a message card with a Bible verse that corresponds with the story of the birth of Christ and a list of activities known as gifts for God. Every time the child completes one or even all three of those activities, the child will receive a piece of hay the following day to place in the manger. On Christmas day, the manger will be full of soft hay and baby Jesus to show the TRUE meaning of Christmas.


Join us this Christmas season in purchasing your very own Miracle in a Manger and celebrating the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

We Love Your Comments

My friend and I were at the Christmas Show today in Charlotte (Thursday).  She was a blond and I am a brunette...you sold us both a "miracle in a manger" for our grandchildren.  Mine was for the Holmes grandchildren when you signed it.


    My husband is a pastor in Winston Salem, NC and we were missionaries in West Africa for many years with our four daughters.  I am so impressed with this product (especially now that I've opened it and read each card, etc) and also the idea that you had to make it.  I try every year to buy something that has a spiritual meaning for my little ones.  So I just wanted to say thanks again for being there...I enjoyed meeting you.



Merri Holmes





Awe neat! It is wonderful!!! Definitely a hit with our little guy and super user friendly for special needs and children with fine motor issues. Thanks so much for sharing this with David. I can't tell you how excited Stephen is about this!!!